About WoodWorks

WoodWorks is an innovative new programme for enterprising and creative young people who wish to learn about woodland culture and make more of Scottish woodlands.

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Our mission is to develop new ways of supporting young people to turn their ideas into practical action. Young people will get the chance to immerse in and reconnect with the natural world, establish their own woods-based enterprise, and to realise their potential by adding value to Scotland’s woodland resources.

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Through the programme applicants get the chance to mentor with highly skilled craftspeople.

An online application to our programme can be found at: http://woodworks.org.uk/woodworks-application/


Next Event

Mentorship Weekend: Hide Tanning & Business Training

From: Friday Jul 1st, 2016
To: Sunday Jun 5th, 2016

As requested through our enterprise program we are running a 3 day hide tanning course & marketing training weekend. During this weekend you will learn the basics of traditional tanning techniques taught by Woodland Knowledge’s Peter Ananin, a practising tanner with a focus on using traditional methods of tanning that uses natural resources.

Practical hands on activites will be balanced with training on marketing including website design, logo design & self employment guidance to get your business off the ground.


Falkland KY15 7AF, United Kingdom
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