The Centre for Stewardship – Who We Are

The Centre for Stewardship is an organisation that promotes the principles and practice of stewardship on an old Scottish estate where people today are cultivating innovative ways of working with the land and with each other to mutual benefit.

The Centre for Stewardship runs a number of events throughout the year and works with a range of partners, volunteers and friends who are passionate about stewardship in both Scotland and globally. Their aim is to educate people about sustainable living to ensure a brighter, better more eco-friendly future for generations to come.

The Centre for Stewardship adapts traditional ideas of stewardship to the needs of our modern, fast-paced and changing world by the development and provision of rural skills in young people aged 16-25. With WoodWorks, the focus will be on immersion in the woodlands and on learning new skills to nurture young people’s entrepreneurial spirit and awareness of environmental issues, and to make a positive impact on Scotland’s woodland resources.

Visit them in the woods, or online at the Centre For Stewardship website.